It is a weighted average of the two types of ROC (determining the trend of overbought / oversold markets based on the change rate of the current day’s closing price and the past closing price), and is also called the Copok curve.

The parameters of each ROC are generally 11 and 14, but the inventor said, “It takes about 11 to 14 months to recover from the sadness of the death of my relatives and brothers and my wife and husband. And a similar date is needed for investors to recover from the injuries in the downtrend. ”

In the investment world, the monthly unit is too long, so 11th-14th, 11H-14H, etc. are used.

Sirius Future’s Chart


Buy Signal

  • When Trendex breaks 0 from bottom to top

Sell Signal

  • When Trendex breaks 0 from top to bottom

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