TRIX (Tricks) is a rising and falling index devised by Jack Huston, which uses a trend system very similar to MACD, but because TRIX is drawn with a rising and falling rate, it is used as an oscillator system index. Will be classified.

Oscillators such as RSI and Stochastic make decisions about the position of the latest closing price for a certain period of price range, while TRIX compares that of the current day with the exponential moving average of the previous day. Judge by where you are. Although it is an oscillator, it is used not to see the degree of overheating such as overbought or oversold, but to see the direction and turning position like a trend system.

Sirius Future’s Chart

The value of TRIX generally varies between -100% and 100%, but usually runs at a few percent.

Buy Signal

The point at which the value of TRIX turned from minus to plus

Sell Signal

The point at which the value of TRIX changed from plus to minus

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