Para SAR Features

Parabolic is a trend-following technical indicator that measures the turning point of the market. It is a “Doten” system that always has a buy or sell position. Even without a position, it is an effective way to measure the turning point of a trend.

It is effective when the market’s selling and buying trends are sustained, so if there is a trend, it will be possible to make a large profit. However, in the case of a market without a trend, such as a box market, there is a tendency for the signal to come out frequently and the amount of damage to increase.

Sirius Future’s Chart

In an uptrend, the metric appears below the price,

In a downtrend, the indicator is displayed above the price.

Buy Signal

The point where the descending line touches the rising daily bar

Sell Signal

The point where the ascending line touches the descending daily bar

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