Introduction of new strategy【Butler】

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Butler“, the second strategy of Kuroneko Torso (@Torso_the_BC), the provider of “Jordu”, has been released on Sirius Quant (SSQ)..🎉

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ReferenceIntroduction of new strategy 【Jordu】Sirius Series~Lets learn and improve together~

Like Jordu, Butler is a strategy that allows Kuroneko Torso to use the strategy created by SIRIUS Futures in SIRIUS Quant.

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Butler is a scalping trade and day trading strategy that generates a signal of automatic trading in 1 minute. It is characterized by having a position with a long-only contrarian against the trend and making a lump sum trade when it rebounds. Normally, it holds 1 to 2 lots, and when the chart drops deeply, it adds up to 10 lots.

Kuroneko Torso

Butler can be used alone, but I think it’s better to use it with trend-following logic!

Cumulative Profits

119.78%  (As of 11:00 on May 28, 2021)



If you are confident in the strategy you made with SIRIUS Futures like Kuroneko Torso, or if you have your own strategy but can not make it in the programming language, please contact the support team ( once.

Click here for details on providing strategies to SIRIUS Quant

Reference【 [For SIRIUS Quant strategic providers] Technical indicators supported by SIRIUS Quant!

This is the introduction of the new strategy!

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