Introduction of new strategy【Poni-btc(eth/xrp)usd 1h trend follow】

Hello everyone!

Today we would like to introduce the newly released strategy!
Please consider using it☺

Poni-btc(eth/xrp)usd 1h trend follow

The strategy “Poni-btc(eth/xrp)usd 1h trend follow” developed based on Poni’s trading method has been released on Sirius Quant (SSQ)!

About strategy providers:

Poni-san is a person with more than 5 years of investment history, and he says that he is increasing profits by making less stressful trades that follow the trend by taking advantage of the reflection that he lost in the past due to contrarian investing.📝

And this strategy is the strategy that Poni-san created in SIRIUS Futures and made it available in SIRIUS Quant as well.👀✨

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“Poni-btc (eth / xrp) usd 1h trend follow” is a strategy that is conscious of following the trend, and you can trade stress-free even in the down market. An automatic trading signal will be generated every hour.


When it comes to the BTCUSD strategy, it boasts a small drawdown. It is second in the SSQ ranking for drawdowns! In combination with the scalping strategy currently under construction (unreleased), I will continue to do my best toward the goal of earning stable daily profits and profits during large market fluctuations. (As of 5/21/2021)

Cumulative Profits


(As of 14:00 on May 21, 2021)



If you are confident in the strategy you made with SIRIUS Futures like Poni, or if you have your own strategy but can’t make it in a programming language, please contact the support team ( once.✉

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Reference【For SIRIUS Quant strategy provider】Technical indicators supported by SIRIUS Quant~Let’s learn and improve together!~

This is the introduction of the new strategy! See you next time😊

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