Introduction of new strategy【Rabbit-almiraji】

Hello everyone!
Introducing the newly released strategy in SIRIUS Quant.📢✨
Please consider using it.🐰


The long-awaited new strategy “Rabbit-almiraji-typeB” by Mr. Rabbit (@rabbbitcoin), who is familiar with the Rabbit series, has been released on Sirius Quant (SSQ).🎉

  • Rabbit-almiraj-typeA
  • Rabbit-almiraj-typeA-ETH
  • Rabbit-almiraj-typeA-XTZUSDT
  • Rabbit-almiraj-typeB
  • Rabbit-almiraj-typeB-XTZUSDT
  • Rabbit-almiraj-typeB-DOTUSDT

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Rabbit-almiraj is a strategy to enter a long when the uptrend rebounds, pick up when it falls, and make a profit when it rises. Instead of making profits all at once, it will make profits one position at a time as it rises. If it has too many positions, it may lighten the position near the quote (settlement half).
An automatic trading signal is generated in 15 minutes, and the maximum number of positions is 10.

It is recommended to switch to type B for the uptrend and type A when it reaches the range.


I created it based on the idea that if it is a long-term uptrend, it will rise if it falls! In addition, I am aiming to increase the number of BTC in line with the increase in the actual price of BTC. It is also recommended to use it together with kaguyamoon, which is also long only, and datto, which is active in sudden rises and falls..👀✨

🔰Attention for beginners! Rabbit's recommended lot setting⚙

★Recommended setting
・ Leverage: Cross 100 times
・ Number of lots: 1 to 3 times the margin ÷ 10 (maximum number of positions)
⚠The higher the magnification, the higher the risk.

・ Margin: $ 1,000
・ Recommended lot: $ 100- $ 300 (in the case of USDT strategy, the corresponding number of currencies)

★ Estimated profit (calculated based on the results for 3 months including back test)
・ Three-month rate of return: 224%
・ If the above recommended settings are used, the profit target will be 22.4% to 67.2% in 3 months.
* 3-month profit margin x set lot (1 to 3 times ÷ 10)

I think there is no problem even if the required margin starts from about 10,000 yen 😊

Cumulative Profits







As of 2021/10/21 15:00



If you have a strategy like Rabbit who wants to use your strategy in SSQ, please contact the support team ( once.✉

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This is the introduction of the new strategy! See you next time.🐰✨

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