Introduction of new strategy【Poni_2-btc(eth,xrp)usd/Poni_3-xrpusd】

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Here are four newly released strategies!
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The second strategy “Poni_2-btc(eth,xrp)usd/Poni_3-xrpusd” developed based on Poni’s trading method has been released on Sirius Quant (SSQ)!

Click here for the first strategy and an article about Poni.
ReferenceIntroduction of new strategy【Poni-btc(eth/xrp)usd 1h trend follow】

This strategy is also a strategy that Poni created in SIRIUS Futures and made it available in SIRIUS Quant!

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Poni_2-btc (eth, xrp) usd / Poni_3-xrpusd is a modified version of Poni’s first strategy (Poni-btcusd / eth / xrp 1h trend follow).

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ReferenceIntroduction of new strategy【Poni-btc(eth/xrp)usd 1h trend follow】


This time, the strategy is to adjust the parameters of “Poni-btcusd / eth / xrp 1h trend follow (Poni_1) ” and change the exit conditions. It is aiming to increase the number of trades in situations that cannot be taken with “Poni_1”, and to trade and diversify risks in all situations by using the Poni series together. 💪

Cumulative Profits



(As of 14:00 on May 28, 2021)



If you are confident in the strategy you made with SIRIUS Futures like Poni, or if you have your own strategy but can’t make it in a programming language, please contact the support team ( once. ✉

Click here for details on providing strategies to SIRIUS Quant.

Reference [For SIRIUS Quant strategic providers] Technical indicators supported by SIRIUS Quant!

This is the introduction of the new strategy!

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