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The PVI (Positive Trading Volume Index) tracks changes in the number of trades in a symbol and trading volume.

Oscillator that can determine the bullish or bearish market based on calculations based on price movements and volume.

Sirius Future’s Chart

① Check Bottom Price      The stage where the bottom is confirmed and it is time to consider buying.

② Rebound                       This is a level that rebounded from the floor. It is usually desirable to buy at this level for a compliant investment.

③ Soaring                         It is rising. In this case, you should invest in order, paying attention to the fact that the volume is not extremely reduced.

④ Slow Down                   It’s time to think about closing hands (selling).

⑤ Check the Ceiling        This is the stage where you want to check the ceiling.

⑥ Drop                             It is a scene where the ceiling was attached and it fell back. If you are a modest investor, you usually want to sell it here.

⑦ Continual Fall              This is the phase where the market has completely entered the downtrend.

⑧ Bottom Kneading        It is time to make a prediction that it will not fall any further at the bottom.

Buy Signal

Crossing the zero line.

Sell Signal

Crossing below the zero line.

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