DMI / ADX, like RSI and Parabolic, is a technical indicator devised by J. W. Wilder.
DMI / ADX was devised to improve the frequent occurrence of deception in the trend market where the RSI, which is a contrarian index, moves up and down in one direction. Although it is an oscillator-based index in terms of classification, it is an index that measures the direction and strength of trends, so basically we will use it in order.

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DMI is an abbreviation for “Directional Movement Index”. The current market price is a technical indicator used to measure whether it is an uptrend or a downtrend.

ADX stands for “Average Directional Movement Index”. You can see how strong or weak the current trend is.

Buy Signal

  • When + DI surpasses -DI
  • When + DI surpasses -DI and then ADX rises
  • If + DI is above -DI when ADX surpasses ADXR

Sell Signal

  • When -DI surpasses + DI
  • When -DI surpasses + DI and then ADX rises
  • When -DI is above + DI when ADX surpasses ADXR


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