Williams %R

Williams% R is an oscillator-based technical indicator devised by renowned trader Larry Williams, which is close to the Stochastic Oscillator% K. It shows the relative level of the most recent closing price within the range of price fluctuations consisting of the highest and lowest prices over a period of time.

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Williams %R generally has a high alert level as the% R value approaches 0%, and a low alert level as the % R value approaches -100%.
It is easy to react sensitively to small fluctuations in price, and in some cases it tends to be around 0% or -100%, which is not good. Therefore, when using it, simply do not judge that it is a “sell” sign if it is around 0% and a “buy” sign if it is around -100%.
It is said that the method of using it as a buy / sell sign is effective.

[Garvage top] The value of % R refers to the movement of touching around 0% several times and then falling. When it breaks below the high line after forming a garbage top, it signals a reversal from rising to falling and is a “sell” sign.

Buy Signal

  • When the value of % R is -80% or less

Sell Signal

  • When the value of % R is -20% or more

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