Important notes when requesting a strategy program

SIRIUS Quant (SSQ) provides the provider with free support when the strategy is published, but please note and understand the following points in order to create a better strategy.

Notes when requesting a strategy program

Exchanges that provide strategies
・When providing the strategy, in principle, it will be provided to all exchanges with which SSQ is linked that handle the target currency of the strategy. Please let us know if you would like to provide the strategy for limited exchange.
・ If a new exchange is linked after providing, we will make an initial relocation at our discretion, taking into account the results of the strategy at that time. Even if it is not relocated at the beginning, it may be additionally listed depending on the subsequent results.

Not all strategies you want are implemented
Depending on the conditions, we may not be able to provide it. for example
・ A moving average golden cross / dead cross that is too rudimentary
・ On the contrary, it is very complicated and requires a lot of man-hours to implement.
・ Those that consume a large amount of server resources (when including convergence calculation, etc.)
・ Based on difficult-to-obtain indicators such as “economic indicators,” “weather,” “moon age,” and “constellations.”
・ Logically, the signal generation frequency seems to be extremely low.

* Even if it corresponds to the above, we may be able to support it if the strategy has a sufficient track record in other systems such as MetaTrader.

Please request the strategy programming according to the following.
・Please tell us the clear specifications.
・Please cover all cases regarding the case classification of conditions.
→ Clarify the range of AND / OR compound conditions.
  (Example: “When A, B is XX, C is XX”, it is unclear whether A is required for C condition) 
→ In the case of time conditions such as “after”, how long is “after” valid? Please clarify.
・Check that there are no discrepancies in the overall specifications.
(specifications outline and detailed specifications, explanations and explanatory diagrams are different, etc.)
・ When requesting additions or specification changes, please send the entire strategy specifications each time.
→ Requests in the form of “change / add to the previous ~” may cause inconvenience to the provider because there is a risk that the content will be mistaken on our side.
→ If possible, you can prevent mistakes by color-coding the added / changed parts in the entire specifications.

It is not a contract development.
・ We will do the programming, but please tell us the clear specifications.
・ Please tune / test for each exchange to be provided.

Development resources for strategy programming are limited.
・ Please carefully consider the development and improve strategic logic before requesting.
・ We handle a large number of requests, and we cannot spend sufficient test time on each strategy. We will perform unit testing / integration testing level, but please do system testing on the provider side.
・ The priority of logic program / improvement is decided at our discretion in consideration of the popularity of the strategy and the frequency of improvement, etc. please note that.


If you have a request or need advice for strategy programming, please contact us at the following.

Please email us at

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