Providing Strategy

SIRIUS Quant (SSQ) is a platform that provides automated trading strategies for a large number of cryptocurrencies. You can buy and sell automatically for free by using the affiliated exchange.

◆The exchanges you can use with SSQ as of September 2021
・OKEx Exchange
Bybit Exchange
・Binance Exchange


Providing Strategy

If you have your own strategy, you can provide it to SSQ. We will pay strategy rewards according to the transaction volume of the user who used the provided strategy. So please consider providing the strategy you are confident to SSQ!

Currently, SSQ is implementing affiliates for each affiliated exchange.

 : Acquire SSQ users and continuously pay referral rewards according to the transaction volume of the referral user.

: Providing strategies to SSQ and continuously paying strategic rewards according to the trading volume using it.


Strategy Reward

When the total reward from your introduced users reaches 100 USDT or more, we will remit the reward. If a reward does not reach 100 USDT, it will be carried over to the next month and will be remitted when the reward is 100 USDT or more.

Of course, you can also get both user referral rewards and strategy rewards!

Support for Providing Strategy
We also provide free support when creating and publishing a Python program so that your strategy can be used with SSQ. Even if the strategy is written in MQL of MT4 or MT5, there are restrictions such as not being able to manage the position, but we can handle it in a simulated manner, so please contact us.
We also accept free consultations regarding strategic improvements such as devising stop loss to avoid loss cuts.


About the form of providing your strategy
・If you can disclose programs such as MQL of MT4 and MT5 and EasyLanguage of TradeStation, we will convert them free of charge so that they can be used in SSQ.
・There is no problem with the following “word” instructions. We will exchange several times and create a program so that it can be used in SSQ.
– “If you repel with -2σ of Bollinger Bands”
– “If you go through the clouds in the Ichimoku Kinko Hyo”
– “When + DI soars” …

About tuning strategies
・SSQ has a backtest function that can be used only by strategy providers and can be used for trial and error of parameter tuning of technical indicators.
・ If you need to adjust your strategy due to backtesting, please feel free to tell us. We will respond to adjustments free of charge

Intellectual property rights of strategy
・The intellectual property rights of the strategy you provided belong to you who provided it. If we program a strategy with Python, the intellectual property and personality rights of the source code will be reserved by us.
・We will not leak the provided strategy to other strategy providers.
・The strategy logic cannot be referenced by general users and other strategy providers.

Available technical indicators
・ Simple moving average
・ Exponential smoothing moving average
・ Bollinger Bands
・ Ichimoku Kinko Hyo
・ Stochastic Oscillator
・ Parabolic
・ Psychological
・ Fibonacci

Please refer to this page for details.
参考 Technical indicators supported by SIRIUS QuantSirius Series-Let's learn and improve together


: Click here for other notes on providing strategies. Please check.


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