Affiliate Program

SIRIUS Quant (SSQ) is a platform that provides automated trading strategies for a large number of cryptocurrencies. You can buy and sell automatically for free by using the affiliated exchange.

◆The exchanges you can use with SSQ as of September 2021
・OKEx Exchange
・Bybit Exchange
・Binance Exchange

Currently, SSQ is implementing affiliates for each exchange.
There are two types of rewards: opening an account (transaction reward) and providing a strategy, and you can also receive the two together!

: Introduce SSQ and continuously pay referral rewards according to the transaction volume of the referral user.

: Providing strategies to SSQ and continuously paying strategic rewards according to the trading volume using it.

: Please check these notes when providing a strategy.

Affiliate Scheme

Target service

Sirius Quant(SSQ)

User acquisition

Introduce SSQ to your fans → register → use.

About Referral reward

* The maximum value is the case where the introduced user trades with the strategy provided by the affiliate markerter (referral reward + strategic reward).
* Includes affiliate rewards of exchanges.
* Transaction fees vary depending on the volume.

When the total reward from your introduced users reaches 100 USDT or more, we will remit the reward. If a reward does not reach 100 USDT, it will be carried over to the next month and will be remitted when the reward is 100 USDT or more.

Referral flow

1.Recommend the affiliated exchanges 

The rate of reward and the method of recommending exchanges differ depending on the affiliated exchange. For more information, please email us at

2.Recommend SSQ

① Please register an account with SSQ.

② Affiliate link (Invitation link) is required when you invite users. Please be sure to register from the affiliate link (Invitation link) when inviting.

Check Affiliate Link(Invitation Link):  After logging in to SSQ, move the cursor to the account name and a drop-down menu will be displayed. Click “Invite plan“. Please use the displayed link when you invite users. Even if you invite users to SSQ, if the referral user is registered from a different link, you will not be eligible for kickback.

③ Please carry out SSQ introduction activities to users in your own way.


If you are interested but don’t understand, please feel free to contact us!

Please email us at