Introduction of new strategy【yaoki】

A new strategy has been published in SIRIUS Quant!
Please consider using it.🤗


The strategy “yaoki” developed based on the trading method of macho (@machollll) has been released on Sirius Quant (SSQ)!


From March of this year, I opened an account on the cryptocurrency exchange and made my debut in cryptocurrency trading. I’m still a newcomer, but since then I’ve been trading around BTC for more than half a year, and I’m always looking for ways to win.😀

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“yaoki” is a strategy to aim for a large price range when a big trend appears. Since it only has one position, lot management is easy! There are advantages and disadvantages, but there is also the advantage that the maximum profit and maximum loss set for the lot can be received in all trades.

In addition, it is weak in the range market, and there is a possibility of loss when the detection of the trend change fails.


I was devoted to creating a strategy because I wanted to create a strategy that simply follows the trend! The result is “yaoki”! It is doubtful that a perfect trend-following bot has been completed, but I think it has become a strategy that keeps up with trends in important places , even though it may cause losses.🙂

🔰Attention for beginners! macho's recommended settings⚙

I do not recommend using “yaoki” alone. I think that it is best to use it in combination with other strategies and set a smaller lot among them.
Please calculate by referring to the one that is easier to do from the two recommended lot calculation methods.✏

    1. Calculate by temporarily lowering the leverage on the Bybit screen
      With no position in DOT USDT, set the leverage mode to “separate” and set the leverage as follows. In that state, set the market lever to MAX and calculate the recommended value from the maximum quantity that can be ordered.
      Safety: 10% or less of the maximum quantity when the separation leverage is 1 times
      Bullish: 10% or less of the maximum quantity when the separation leverage is doubled
    2. Calculated from margin
      Wallet balance ÷ DOT market price ÷ 10
      Example) With 1000 USDT as margin, DOT: 40 dollars
      Safety: 1000 ÷ 40 ÷ 10 = 2.5 (DOT)
      Bullish: (safety) x 2 = 5 (DOT)

Cumulative Profits

302.56%(As of 13:00 on November 29, 2021)



If you would like to make your strategy available in SSQ like macho, please contact our support team ( once.✉

Click here for details on providing strategies to SIRIUS Quant.

Reference [For SIRIUS Quant strategic providers] Technical indicators supported by SIRIUS Quant!

That’s all for the introduction of the new strategy!

See you next time.☺

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