Introduction of new strategy【TAKAHASHI Method BTC 15 Strong / 30 Strong】

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Two new strategies have been unveiled at SIRIUS Quant!
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TAKAHASHI Method BTC 15 Strong / 30 Strong

Mr. Takahashi’s new strategies “TAKAHASHI Method BTC 15 Strong” and “TAKAHASHI Method BTC 30 Strong“, which are familiar in the TAKAHASHI Method series, have been released on Sirius Quant (SSQ)!

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TAKAHASHI Method BTC 15 Strong / 30 Strong are aggressive management strategies that are strong against market volatility and trend markets.
The logic is the same as the first TAKAHASHI Method BTC, but all the important figures are optimized for the trend market due to fluctuations in the market price.

The first TAKAHASHI Method BTC is a strategy that improves the TAKAHASHI Method, an outright method that Mr. Takahashi has been using for many years, for cryptocurrencies.

① Perfect order consisting of short-term, medium-term, and long-term simple moving averages.
② Filter only by clouds in the Ichimoku Kinko Hyo.
③ Furthermore, while monitoring multiple upper legs with a multi-time scope.
④ It is a method of trading in order with the 15-minute or 30-minute bar, which is the execution bar.


According to the latest market price, the numerical value of the moving average line, the numerical value of the Ichimoku Kinko Hyo, the period of the multi-time-scope, and the distance between the candlestick and the cloud has also been made active operation specifications.
It is strong against fluctuations in the market and trend markets, and is finished in a strategy that pursues profits thoroughly.
Please use it if you want to actively trade.
As the name implies, Strong is the most explosive of all TAKAHASHI Method series.
From the viewpoint of risk diversification, we recommend that all TAKAHASHI Method series be operated at the same time even if the lot is reduced.

Cumulative Profits

TAKAHASHI Method BTC 15 Strong

TAKAHASHI Method BTC 30 Strong

(As of 12:00 on September 10, 2021)



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This is the introduction of the new strategy!

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