Introduction of new strategy【ORIGIN SUSHIUSDT】

Introducing the newly released strategy at SIRIUS Quant!
Please consider using it.😀


GINSAJI’s (@ware_nakimushi) strategy “ORIGIN SUSHIUSDT” is now available on Sirius Quant (SSQ)!

What kind of person is


Hello! This is GINSAJI from the Degawa group. And my hobby is motorcycles! I want to go around Hokkaido and Japan on a motorcycle someday! Thank you.🙇‍♂️

ORIGIN SUSHIUSDT is a strategy with a small number of entry points, but each profit was created to be large. The maximum number of positions is 10 and the automatic trading signal will be generated in 30 minutes.


Since the maximum number of positions is 10, if it moves a lot in the opposite direction after the third pick-up, you may get a big loss, so please be careful.
🔰Beginners pay attention! GINSAJI's recommended lot setting⚙

★ Recommended settings
・ Leverage: Cross 100 times
・ Number of lots: 1 to 3 times the margin ÷ 10 (maximum number of positions)
Low: 1x
Middle: Double
High: 3 times
The higher the magnification, the higher the risk.

Example) If the margin is $ 1,000
Recommended lot: $ 100- $ 300 (in the case of USDT-denominated strategy, the corresponding number of currencies)

★ Estimated profit
・ 3-month profit margin: 150%
・ 6-month profit margin: 220%

Cumulative Profits

219.09%(As of 10:00 on November 24, 2021)




If you would like to make your strategy available in SSQ like GINSAJI, please contact our support team ( once.✉

Click here for details on providing strategies to SIRIUS Quant.

That’s all for the introduction of the new strategy!

See you next time.

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