Introduction of new strategy【Rabbit-datto】

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Here is a newly released strategy for Sirius Quant!
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Rabbit series provider Rabbit (@rabbbitcoin)’s new strategy “Rabbit-datto” & “Rabbit-datto-R-BTCUSDT” have been released on Sirius Quant (SSQ)🎉

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Rabbit-datto makes an entry with the contrarian when it soars or plunges. If you go against the position, you will pick up and make a profit against repulsion (in the case of long) and repulsion (in the case of short). A signal for automatic trading will be generated in 30 minutes.

Rabbit-datto-R-BTCUSDT is a strategy that incorporates a few adjustments. Therefore, it behaves almost the same as “Rabbit-datto”, but the trading timing is slightly different, so there will be a slight difference in the profit and loss results.


Its strength is that it has a high win rate and a low drawdown! With proper lot management, we believe that this is a strategy that can be expected to continue to generate profits.

Cumulative Profits



(As of 11:00 on June 23, 2021)



If you are confident in the strategy you made with SIRIUS Futures like Rabbit, or if you have your own strategy but can not make it in the programming language, please contact the support team ( once.

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This is the introduction of the new strategy!

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