Introduction of new strategy 【Grid 50000~60000 Buy only・Grid 55000~65000 Buy only】

Today we would like to introduce you to our newly released strategy!
Please consider using it.😀

・Grid 50000~60000 Buy only
・Grid 55000~65000 Buy only

Two strategies released on Sirius Quant (SSQ)🎉

I hope that the one released this time will be recognized as a repeat If-done trading tool rather than a strategy!

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The basic trading method is to place one buy position at 1,000 USD intervals within the range (50000 ~ 60000 or 55000 ~ 65000). (It is not a bulk limit order, but a market order is thrown when the rate reaches 55,000, 56,000, …)

The profit taking range is 1,000 USD and the loss cut range is 15,000 USD. The maximum number of positions is 10.

If the range is exceeded, the range will not be shifted automatically.
(You will have to manually switch to another strategy with a different range.)
You can also manually manage the strategy and stop the position, so it is also recommended to manage the strategy freely.

Cumulative Profits


As of 16:00 on April 15, 2021




This is the introduction of the new strategy!

See you next time😀

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