Introduction of new strategy【Murphy(Up Trend)】

Hello everyone!

Here is a newly released strategy for Sirius Quant!
Please consider using it😊

Murphy(Up Trend)

The strategy “Murphy(Up Trend)” developed based on the trading method of popular trader Murphy (@TN90803803) on Twitter has been released at Sirius Quant (SSQ).🎉

About Strategy Providers
Murphy is also the owner of the output community [CAW] with more than 2500 people, and also the instructor of the crypto asset online salon [CFS] with more than 2700 people. He also has experience in winning the DEEP COIN trade battle.✨

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Murphy(Up Trend) is a strategy that is strong against uptrends. A signal for automatic trading will be generated in 2 hours.

Cumulative Profits

2770.57%  (As of 15:00 on June 3, 2020)




This is the introduction of the new strategy.

See you next time!😊

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