Introduction of new strategy【Jupiter】

Hello everyone!
Introducing the newly released strategy at SIRIUS Quant.

  • I want to trade at least once a day.
  • The position holding time should be short.
  • I want to aim for both short and long.
  • Averaging should be less.
  • I want to earn profits steadily.

Is there anyone looking for a strategy like the one above?
It is a recommended strategy for such people! Please consider it🤗


The strategy developed based on the trading method of Yuno-san (@yunojuno6) has been released on Sirius Quant (SSQ)!
* The provider name in SSQ is “Yuno”.

  • Jupiter-XRPUSDT
  • Jupiter-XTZUSDT
  • Jupiter-XEMUSDT
  • Jupiter-FILUSDT

📢 If you are using the existing strategies “Jupiter-XTZ” and “Jupiter-XEM”, please move to the updated version. We will delete the existing strategies (2 types) as soon as your migration is completed.


Nice to meet you! I’m Yuno. I’m a housewife who has been trading virtual currency and FX for the second year and still studying discretionary trading.
I was losing because of the contrarian, but after changing to the forward method, I gradually became able to win! However, I can’t afford to stick to the chart every day, so I thought I could use my method as a system trade, so I created a strategy! thank you.😄

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Jupiter is a trend-following strategy that judges short-term trends and enters them in order. Therefore, if it is an uptrend, it will be entered with a long push, and if it is a downtrend, it will be entered with a short return sale.

The maximum position is 6 positions at normal times and 12 positions (long 6 / short 6) at double-decker.

Backtest Result

Looking at the backtest results, it has a maximum of 11 positions, but the loss is suppressed by building both. Although it depends on the position ratio, there is a possibility that the loss can be suppressed unless the operation is highly leveraged when both are built.


It is easy to make a profit if the market direction is solid, and it is not a type that takes a large profit but a steadily type! Recommended for those who want to earn profits every day steadily. Please note that this strategy is not good at the range market and before and after the trend change.
🔰Attention for beginners! Yuno's recommended settings⚙

★Recommended settings
・ Leverage: Cross 25 times
・ Number of lots: (Margin usage x Recommended leverage number) / Maximum number of simultaneous positions for usage strategy = Number of lots
Example: ($ 100 x 1x) / 6 = 16USDT
Low:     1x
Middle: 2x
High:    3x
⚠The higher the magnification, the higher the risk. Considering the loss cut, I don’t recommend more than 4 times because it is more dangerous. For those who want to operate safely, I recommend low risk and middle risk.

★About usage margin
・ Beginners: 1/10 or less of the total funds is recommended.
Example: If the total funds is $ 1000, $ 100 is the margin.

・ Intermediate (those who are accustomed to automatic trading): 1/5 or less of the total funds is recommended.
Example: If the total funds is $ 1000, $ 200 is the margin.

I think that many people are operating multiple strategies, so it is safer to operate with the margin as much as possible. Please adjust the ratio to your liking.😀

Cumulative Profits





As of 10:00 on November 26, 2021



If you would like to make your strategy available in SSQ like Yuno, please contact our support team ( once✉

Click here for details on providing strategies to SIRIUS Quant.

That’s all for the introduction of the new strategy!

See you next time🕊

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