Introduction of new strategy 【Rabbit-kaguya(BTC,ETH,XRP)】

It’s been a difficult climate these days because it’s warm and cold,
How are you all doing? 😀

Today we would like to introduce you to our newly released strategy!
Please consider using it.🌼


New strategy “Rabbit-kaguya(BTC,ETH,XRP)” developed based on the trading method of Mr. Rabbit (@rabbbitcoin) who is familiar with “Rabbit-moon” has been released on Sirius Quant (SSQ).🎉

Click here for an introductory article about Rabbit-moon.
Introduction of new strategy【Rabbit-moon】Sirius Series~~Lets learn and improve together〜

Like the previous Rabbit-moon, this strategy is a strategy that allows Rabbit to use what he created with SIRIUS Futures with SIRIUS Quant!

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Rabbit-kaguya is a strategy to make a long entry when it is judged to be an uptrend. It is a style that has a long position in swing trading. An automatic trading signal will be generated in 1 hour. This strategy supports three currencies, “BTC”, “ETH” and “XRP”. SIRIUS Quant has few strategies that support XRP, so if you are a Ripple, please check it out.😆

Cumulative Profits


(As of 10:00 on April 16, 2021)




If you are confident in the strategy you made with SIRIUS Futures like Mr. Rabbit, or if you have your own strategy but can not make it in the programming language, please contact the support team ( once. Please give me

This is the introduction of the new strategy! See you next time✨


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