Easy-to-understand explanation of how to open a Binance account and set up an API

Opening of a Binance Account 

Let’s access Binance site.(https://www.binance.com/

You can freely change the language display of the site in the language list displayed by clicking the language field on the upper right.


Click “Register” to display the “Create Binance Account” screen.

①Register with one of Email address or Mobile (Phone number).

②Register Password.
*The password must be at least 8 characters, 1 uppercase letter or more, and 1 number or more.

③Check the terms of use and the “Create Account” button.


Please do not enter the Referral ID. SSQ is not available if entered.

A security puzzle is displayed to confirm that the operation is manual.
→Follow the instructions on the screen and slide the puzzle pieces into place.

It is okay if the authentication fails. You can start over, so please calm down and try again.

Click “Get code” and a code will be sent to your registered email address or phone number.
Please enter the code you received.

You have now opened a Binance account!
Next, set the security settings.

Security Setting

After opening a Binance account, make one of the following security settings.
・ Smartphone authentication (phone number)
・ Google authentication

Click the account mark (①) on the upper right of the screen and select ② “Security” from the pull-down menu that appears.

When the screen changes, select either ③ “Google authenticator” or “Phone number Verification” and set.
* If the “Security Verification” is displayed in the pop-up, you can set it in the same way from there.

Google Authenticator

First, let’s set up Google authentication.

Select “Enable” of “Google Authenticator”.

※The download screen will be displayed, but the app cannot be installed on the PC, so please download it on your smartphone.

Open the page where you can install the app on your smartphone, and search for “Google Authenticator”.
Please install the app (Google Authenticator).

After installing, click “Next”.

After installing Google Authenticator,
①Click the “+” button at the top right of the screen
➁Click “Scan Barcode” at the bottom of the screen, and scan QR code.
③After scanning, Google Authenticator will be registered.

◆About Google Authenticator

①Google authentication code
②The displayed numbers will change in 1 minute.
③Since the Google verification code can be used in various situations, the types will increase as you use it. The name is displayed so that you don’t lose track of what the code is.

This time,
・Binance Registered mail address(Mobile number)
will be displayed.

After scanning, the backup key will be displayed, so save it by printing or copy it to a memo.
*You will need a backup key to restore Google Authenticator if you lose your smartphone. Be sure to save it.

7)Enter the verification code.
①Click “Get Code” and ② enter the 6-digit code you received at your registered email address.
③Check Google Authenticator and enter the 6-digit code displayed.

After entering all the information, click “Next” to complete the Google authentication registration.

Phone number Verification

This is how to “Phone number Verification”.

Select “Phone Number Verification” on the security screen.

①Enter your mobile phone number. Enter the number after “+81”, excluding the first “0”.
Example) 090-1111-2233 → Enter with “9011112233“

②Click “Get Code”, check the SMS message that arrives at your mobile number, and enter the 6-digit code.

③Click “Get Code” in “Email verification code” and enter the 6-digit code that will be sent to the registered email address.

④When all the entries are completed, click “Submit”, and when the screen that displays that the phone number is valid is displayed, registration is complete.

Personal Verification 

In Binance, there are three types of Personal Verification, and conditions such as the maximum deposit and withdrawal amount differ depending on the type of Verification.

When you move the cursor to ①Account mark on the upper right of the Top screen, a pull-down menu will be displayed.
Click ② “Identification”.

Since API settings are required to use SSQ, please authenticate at least “Intermediate” that enables API usage.

API Setting

Create an API for Binannce.

Before creating the API, you need to access the futures trading page once.
Select “USDⓈ-M Futures” from “Derivatives” on the top menu.
Binance inverse accounts (COIN-M futures) cannot be used with SSQ.

When the futures trading page opens, return to the top page again.
* If the quiz page is displayed, there is no problem with the API settings even if you do not answer.

Click ① the account mark and select ② “API Management” from the displayed pull-down menu to open the API management screen.

First, set the name of the API. Create a label with a name that can be identified as the API used for SSQ.
*In the example, it is “SSQ”.

After set the name, click “Create API”.

The “Security Verification” screen is displayed.
① Email verification code (mobile phone code for smartphone authentication)
② Google verification code
Click “Get Code”, and enter the 6-digit code you got.

After entering, click the “Submit” button.

The API for SSQ has been added to “API List”. 
Please save the displayed API Key and Secret Key in Notepad, etc.
※ Please note that the Secret Key will only be displayed once for your safety.

Click “Edit restrictions” button and check “Enable Futures” in the API restrictions field.
Click the Save button to save your change.
※If the futures trading screen has never been opened, “Enable Futures” will not be displayed.
Please go back and open “Derivatives > USDⓈ-M Futures Screen” and then set it again.

API Setting on SSQ

Let’s register the created key in SIRIUS Quant

Log in to SiriusQuant.
After clicking “Trade settings”, a pop-up will appear.
Please prepare the “API key, secret key” created on the Binance site.

①ApiKey Enter APIKey
②SecretKey Enter Secret Key
③ApiUrl Select fapi.binance.com
④After filling in everything, click the “Save” button.

※SSQ cannot be used with an account opened using a Referral ID. be careful.

When “Change success.” is displayed, the API settings are complete.
The number after “Account balance:” indicates the number of funds in your Binance derivative account.

How to set the strategy

If you click“All strategies”, a list of strategies is displayed, so click on the strategy you are interested in.

After registering the strategy you want to run, it will be displayed in “Register”.

The registered strategy is displayed in Registered. Make sure you are registered.

Before starting a strategy, set the number of lots from the screen of the strategy.
Click Trade Settings in the red frame of the image to set the number of lots.

※The minimum trade amount for Binance is equivalent to $ 5. Please note that you cannot set a value lower than that.

Leverage is set from the Binance screen.

Log in to Binance and move the cursor to ① “Derivatives” at the top left of the screen. From the pull-down menu that appears, select ② “USDⓈ-M Futures“.
* Reference: USDⓈ-M Futures: Futures trading with no expiration date
COIN-M Futures: Futures trading with an expiration date (SSQ Not Available)

After switching to the chart screen, ③ select the currency pair you want to trade. If you want to use the BTC / USDT strategy with Sirius, select “BTCUSDT”.

④Click the red frame on the upper right and set the leverage from the pop-up that appears.
This completes the leverage settings.

Precautions when running strategy
After setting the lot number and leverage from each screen, you can run the strategy, but before running, please see the notes before running the strategy.

Meaning of “○” “×” “Arrow” displayed on the strategy chart
〇: Entry
×: Settlement
⇧: Buy (buy / long)
⇩: Sell (sell / short)

The number of positions currently held by the strategy is displayed in “Positions” on the left side of the screen.

When there is no display, it means that you do not have a position. If the number of positions is displayed, the strategy already has a position, and if you activate the strategy at that time, it will start operating when the next new position occurs.

After completing various settings, open the Registered screen of SIRIUS Quant and click Start of the strategy you want to run. A pop-up screen will appear, click OK to run the strategy.

If you see Green Runningbutton, your strategy is running. If you want to stop the strategy, click Stop.
The position remains in Binance as it is just a stoppage of strategy. 

How to manually settlement

If you want to settle manually, use the Binance screen.

You can check your current position on the tab ① “Position” at the bottom of “Futures” page.

If you want to settle a position manually, please select either Market / Limit in the ② “Close all positions” to settle.

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