Introduction of new strategy【bambi3】

Hello everyone!
Introducing the new strategies released on SIRIUS Quant!
Please consider using it.😀


Kojika-san (@Caliburne_boku)’s new strategy “bambi3” has been released on Sirius Quant (SSQ).🦌

  • bambiXEM3
  • bambiXTZ3
  • bambiFIL3
  • bambiDOGE3

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bambi3” is limited to 15 positions compared to the original bambi. The logic is almost the same as the original bambi with only a few parameter changes.

Click here for the original bambi.

Introduction of new strategy【Kozika-bambi】


Compared to the original bambi, it emphasizes the latest price movements, so the quotes are good and it is easier to make profits when there is volatility. In addition, by supporting many currencies, the risk of runaway of one ”sleeping giant” is suppressed.

🔰Attention for beginners! Kojika's recommended settings⚙

Margin: Recommended is 1000 USDT or more
Leverage: Cross 25 times setting (effective ~ 1.5 times)
Recommended lot number: Currency amount equivalent to the usage fund divided by 10
⚠The more lots you have, the higher the risk.

Exsample) DOGE=0.25USDT
1000÷10÷0.25=400DOGE(Equivalent to 100 USDT)

The expected profit on Sirius is about 80-130% per month. It fluctuates depending on the currency pair and market conditions.

Cumulative Profits





(As of 11:00 on December 1, 2021)



If you would like to make your strategy available in SSQ like Kojika, please contact our support team ( once.✉

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That’s all for the introduction of the new strategy!

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