Volume Oscillator

A volume oscillator is a technical analysis of an oscillator system that focuses on volume.

There are two types, AVO calculated by points and PVO calculated by percentages, but both charts have the same shape. This oscillator is a chart analysis to understand how the recent trading volume has increased by exponential smoothing average (EMA).

Sirius Future’s Chart

The starting point of analysis is that volume oscillators have a relationship between price and trading volume. RSI (Relative Strength Index) and RCI (Ranking Correlation Index) are used rather than used alone. It is also useful to check the volume oscillator when the trading signal is issued on other indicators. Also, since it is a subtraction of the exponential smoothing moving average, it can be said that MACD is a volume version.

Buy Signal

When the volume oscillator rises (volume increase) in the low price zone

Sell Signal

When the price has fallen (volume decline) in the high price area

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