ATR (Average True Range) is an index showing volatility and is used to check volatility. An increase in ATR determines high volatility, and a decrease in ATR determines low volatility. Volatility means the size of the price movement. In other words, ATR can be said to be an index that can judge the strength of momentum in each phase of the uptrend and downtrend of prices.

[When the price is on an upward trend] ATR is rising → Prices are rising strongly, and buying is sustained in the short term.

ATR shifts from rising to falling → Price rise momentum weakens, the possibility of turning to downtrend.

[When the price is on a downtrend] ATR is rising → Prices are declining strongly, and short-term declines continue.

ATR shifts from rising to falling → The momentum of price decline weakens, and there is a possibility of a rebound.

Buy Signal

  • When the momentum that was under 0 breaks above 0

Sell Signal

  • When the momentum that was above 0 breaks below 0


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