KOL Recruitment

  • I want to broaden my trading method!
  • I want to use my trading method as an automatic trading strategy!
  • I want to introduce Sirius automated trading tool to my followers and make a profit!


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What is a KOL?

KOL (KEY Opinion Leader) is also a financial instrument (including virtual currency) trader, and can be said to be an influencer that influences other traders by transmitting various trends and trading methods from his own investment theory and investment experience. As a result, the trader’s fan base has been formed, and those who are the leading guides for investment.

Application conditions

Monthly trading average 2,000 BTC or more (required)
1,000 or more SNS followers (required)
Posting on SNS, blogs, etc. 3 times a week or more
KOL-sponsored salon (can be a group or conference) 5 people or more”

Three great benefits only for KOL

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